Monday, March 25, 2019

053 Magic the What Now?

I ramble about using Magic the Gathering cards as inspiration for role-playing. Ideas stolen from the Dragon+ app (free app/subscription).

The online pack generator mentioned can be found at

[Edit. I was reminded that it was Ben Milton of Questing Beast who came up with tokens idea!)

M19 (Core 2019) Pack - Scenario

  • Foul Orchard - black green land, fertile and fetid*
  • Open the Graves - the swamp has expanded and taken over a cemetery, animating the corpses. Plants versus Zombies? Why not Plant Zombies I say.*
  • Two-Headed Zombie (leader)*
  • Dwarven Priest - bearer or righteous cleansing light*
  • Greenwood Sentinel - elf eco warrior*
  • Salvager of Secrets - merfolk wizard with the book-knowledge to end the cycle*
* Read the italicized flavor text on the cards. (Click to see larger image.)

UMA (Ultimate Masters) Pack - Scroll

  • Double Cleave - flaming blade laughs at your armor, does double damage
  • Desperate Ritual - bring on the lavalanche, but find some decent footing first!
  • Defy Gravity - fly there on a cloud, and return when you feel like it “flashback” 
  • Skyspear Cavalry - summon battle-trained gryphon mount, but only when there’s a fight on. It attacks with you.*
  • Offalsnout - summon grotesque centipede-pig-slug-thing that eats undead?
  • Spider Umbra - clothe yourself in a phantasmal spider suit, for a time you can climb walls, shoot phantasmal webs, move quickly, and get a sting attack. It dissolves when you take damage, hope you aren’t on the ceiling!
* Read the italicized flavor text on the cards. (Click to see larger image.)

The Bonus Pack Scenario 

  • Stampeding Horncrest - working dino that drags big stones to the pyramids, breaks loose and goes on a rampage (event)
  • Silerclad Ferocidons - matched teams of three pull chariots, work best when from the same clutch, one is always dominant
  • Dinosaur Hunter - badass ... uh ... dino hunter. What else is there to say. Probably some kind of ranger.
  • Pitiless Plunderer - cunning but trecherous sea captain who lost his ship, the Trident.
  • Shatter - the aforementioned ship
  • Aquatic Incursion - merfolk planning an invasion of the city. Did they sink the Trident?

The Bonus Pack Scroll

  • Scroll is something a merfolk wizard made and wants back! It is needed for the invasion.
  • Tilonalli's Crown - step 1, a spell to make the dinos in the city run wild/rampage.
  • Crashing Tide - step 2, a spell to cause a tidal wave and swamp the city
  • Shatter - a bomb spell to wreck a city or palace gate, topple a structure, etc.
  • Gruesome Fate - a spell to cage the city's vampire magistrate?


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