Thursday, May 16, 2019

068 & 68b Non-Musical Bards, Fantasy Works Follow Up, Murder Hobo & Shadow Fist, On Vacation!

068 Non-Musical Bards
068b NM Bards, Murder Hobo, Vacation!
  • Sword Breaker's Bard episode!
  • Willy the Wizard on the Thought Eater podcast
  • JE Shields of A Grazing Mace says "Accapellists!"
  • Darren "RFED" Green suggests Ventriloquists
  • Larry does an episode of Follow Me and Die! on Whistlers
  • Spikepit suggests a very different kind of Bard, the GM
  • Mark Hunt's micro-game Murder Hobo (below)
  • My take, Shadow & Fist (below)
  • On Vacation until May 28!

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