Sunday, June 30, 2019

079 My Final Word on Troika!?

I talk about my play experience with Troika! and try to achieve some closure.

Veteran of the Psychic Wars
The veteran has fought countless battles, living on the edge where the winds of Limbo roar. They may appear young, but are far older than they seem because all their scars are on the inside. But be wary when the shakes begin, it is a sure sign the tides of madness are swelling and their slide into hell has begun. 
Spent fusil (damage as club)
A tattered and worn uniform
Assorted military medals worth 1d6 silver pennies 
3 Survival
2 Sneak
2 Spell - Fear
1 Spell - Illusion
1 Spell - Sentry
1 Club fighting
1 Run 
New Enemy
Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Skill 7
Stamina 10
Initiative 2
Armour 0
Damage as club or spell 
1: Oblivious
2: Frightened
3: Angry
4: Confused
5: Threatening
6: Shaking 
The veteran is a survivor and wanderer. They have battled in horrific psychic wars in the realms of Limbo. They bear no visible scars of these battles as they have internalized all their wounds becoming a shell of their former selves. They often no longer remember what they were fighting for. Their trauma manifests in the trembling shakes that wrack their bodies. When the shakes begin the tides of madness swell around the veteran as they relive one of their battles and force anyone around them to relive it with them. 
The veteran has access to the Fear, Illusion, and Sentry spells. Fear and Illusion affect those around the veteran whenever the shakes manifest and are the means by which the veteran draws others into their reliving their battles.

Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
These hairless priests from the Solar Federation promote a simpler way of life by destroying all things they deem a folly, a waste of time, or may lead to the downfall of civilization. They travel the spheres at the behest of their temple-sized thinking engines seeking applicants, both willing and unwilling, to join their Brotherhood of Man. 
Heavy, red sackcloth robes (counts as light armour)
A red star medallion (damage as mace) 
2 Command
2 Strength
2 Spell - Presence
2 Spell - Shatter
1 Spell - Explode
1 Awareness 
New Skill

Some individuals are good at getting others to do as they're told. Maybe it is the tone of their voice or the authority backing it. This is a vital skill for those in positions of power and authority. 
New Item
A red star medallion is part holy symbol, part badge of office.  This heavy, metal medallion hangs from a thick chain and is worn by Priests of the Temple of Syrinx. It grants +1 Command when brandished while giving orders. When swung by its chain, it makes a formidable weapon (damage as mace). 
New Enemy
Priest of Syrinx

Skill 6
Stamina 7
Initiative 2
Armour 1
Damage as mace or spell 
1: Annoyed
2: Haughty
3: Indignant
4: Outraged
5: Authoritative
6: Inviting 
The priests of Syrinx follow the commands of their temple-sized thinking engines. Within the spheres they control, equality is mandated. This order is enforced by the priests of the temple, ensuring that no item, artifact, or idea contrary to the teachings of Syrinx is allowed to exist. Outside their spheres, these priests act as missionaries, cajoling perspective applicants to join their idyllic way of life. 
The priest of Syrinx has access to Shatter,
Explode, and Presence. Higher ranking members, such as the infamous Father Brown, may have access to spells that cloud the mind. 

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