Tuesday, July 16, 2019

082 From One-to-Satan?

I discuss a great question for the table:
GM: From one to Satan, how mean do you want me to be?
Then I take call-ins from:
  • Che Webster, Roleplay Rescue (gaming podcast links to the right)
  • Logan Howard, Sword Breaker
  • John Large, Red Dice Diaries
  • Lieren, Updates from the Middle of Nowhere
  • Free Thrall, Keep Off the Borderlands
  • Ivy, The Happy Whisk
  • Judd Karlman, Daydreaming About Dragons
  • Rui Lorenco, no podcast (I don't think so, anyway)
  • Colin Green, Spikepit
  • Brian Holland, Session Zero (zine)

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