Sunday, September 29, 2019

098 Delving Deeper: Nonhuman Races

Part I: on my podcast
Part II: on Cody's No Save for You podcast

Part I
  • Dwarfs (Dwarves is a Tolkienism says Simon Bull(
    • Features: Fighter 6 level limit, low light vision, saves as Fighter +4 levels, can use the +3 warhammer, takes 1/2 damage from giant humanoids, understands stone work, identify sounds (5+), extra languages: gnome, goblin, kobold
  • Halflings
    • Fighter 4 level limit, +3 hurled missles, saves as Fighter +4 levels, identify sounds (5+), nearly invisible and almost silent
  • Elves
    • Fighter 4/Magic-User 8 level limit, dual classed by nature, move and fire, +1 damage w/magic weapons, nearly invisible and almost silent in Elven cloak, identify sounds (5+), finds secret doors on 3+ (active) or 5+ (passive), immune to paralyzing touch of ghouls and thulls, extra languages: gnoll, hobgob, orc
  • Dual / Multi-classing
  • Elves and iron allergies
  • More on levels and dual classing
  • Ok to mess with the species in Delving Deeper?
  • Example new species: centaur
  • Popularity of species
  • Fallacy of niche protection

Part II
  • Barrowmaze talk
  • Any itches to change the system?
  • Breaking fantasy tropes
  • Bolt on skill system
  • Monsters
  • System matters?
  • Gaming minimalism
  • Eyes up gaming
  • Recruiting players
  • Playing early in the morning
  • Wrap up and praise for Simon Bull    

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