Tuesday, April 21, 2020

129 Supers Session Zero

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Session Notes

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I used some of these, modifying them as I went.

Becoming a team (choose one):

  • You were formed by, and are under the oversight of a government agency. What is the agency’s name? Is it an agency known to the public? Why don’t you fully trust them?
  • You were all recruited by another superhero, who is now dead. Who were they? How did they die?
  • A private benefactor gathered you all and gave you funding, a headquarters, and a mission. How did this person become fabulously wealthy? To what did they choose to dedicate their wealth (what’s the mission) and what major event in their life was the cause?

Team dynamics:

  • Which of you is most likely to want to leave the team and go it alone?
  • Which of you thinks of themself as the leader of the team? The heart? The brains?
  • Which of you worries most about carrying your weight in the team?
  • Which of you is worried that the others will find out about your secret and/or past?
  • Each of you name one person who is important to you outside of your superhero circle.
  • One of you has a tie to another supers team. What is the relationship there?

Your headquarters:

  • Where, geographically, is it located?
  • Is it hidden, or public? Is it hiding in plain sight?
  • Do you go up or down to get to the most important spaces/rooms?
  • What is the first line of security for your lair?
  • What do you have of value there?
  • How are you alerted to trouble, and what are the blind spots of this warning system?
  • What is your private room like? What unusual feature does it have or what items in it telegraph your personality?

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