Monday, September 16, 2019

096 Recent Calls

Addressing some recent call-ins, rambling is gratuitous.
Arbunk the Bearded One

TJ Drennon's Original "Module" :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

095 Treasure, Ducks, The Crash

  • I suck at treasure
    • Characters/players motivated by money
    • Let players roll treasure?
    • What about magic items?
    • Making treasure part of the story!
  • Half races are dumb
    • Essential races
    • Hobbits and Ducks
    • Duck sex is gross
    • All skeleton party?
  • The Rush and the Crash
    • In the wake of a gaming or creative high
    • Happens to all of us
    • Be aware and hang on!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

094 Procrasticon

I basically ramble about our last-minute on-line Labor Day convention, organized through the Audio Dungeon Discord. Stuff mentioned:

Note: it was Don Elric, God Emperor of Melnimarica. And his system was Troika.

Leave me a message for my 100th episode and remind me of a segment you enjoyed from the last year of Plundergrounds.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

093 #RPGaDay2019 Final Days

  • 29: Evolve. 
    • Looking forward to how my podcast evolves in Season 2.
  • 30: Connection
    • I think about what a regular online game looks like for me.
  • 31: Last. I talk about the last RPG "book" I read, Best of Dragon v1.
    • Missing large format mags
    • Gygax on planes and alignments
    • Jim Ward on Barsoom cities

Friday, August 30, 2019

091-092 Delving Deeper with Ray and Cody

Cody M. of No Save for You! and I talk about our favorite Oe (original edition) retroclone, Delving Deeper.

Show segments, part 1 (Listen)
Show segments, part 2 (Listen)
  • Underworld
  • Monsters
  • Lethality
  • Skills
  • Magic Items
  • Simpler Rules
  • Dice in Pocket!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Updated Anchorite Sheet

I updated the communal spreadsheet of Anchorite podcasts. Links on the right too -->

089 #RPGaDay2019 Week 4

Call in from TJ Drennon of the satirical Malodorous Miasma Meltdown and Occult Orifice Outrage podcasts.

  • 22 Lost
    • Lord Alfred Tennyson In Memorium - misquoted
    • Better to have loved a character and lost, then never to have loved at all. Even worse is losing a character you never even liked!
    • Loved and lost characters are the residue of our fun. Old character sheets. Old dungeon maps.
  • 23 Surprise!!
  • 24 Triumph
    • A great way to introduce a world would be to show an emperor, king, or general returning in a Roman-style triumphal procession of subjugated enemies, treasures, and exotic beasts ...
  • 25 Calamity
    • And then calamity strikes to kick things into action. A dangerous beast breaks loose from his binding spells! An assassination or heist is attempted!
  • 26 Idea
    • Who invented role-playing? Who invented D&D? The arguments over ideas is tiresome. Two things. 1. There is plenty of credit to go around and  many, many hands were involved. 2. Ideas are amazing and necessary for innovation, but so is execution.
    • The timeline as I understand it from my reading. 
    • Kriegsspeil 1812 first wargame. Strategos 1880 emphasizes certain aspects of the referee. HG Wells publishes Little Wars in 1913, for the first time turns wargaming into something you do for fun, with toys, not military training. Avalon Hill founded in 1952 makes wargaming popular and starts The General wargaming magazine in 1964. David Wesely in 1967 writes Strategos-N and runs the first Brauenstein game, solidifies the notion of try-anything role-playing and adjudication. 1970 Len Patt writes fantasy wargame rules for NEWA. 1971 Gary Gygax and Jeff Perrin release Chainmail and Arneson runs first fantasy Brauenstein game — Blackmoor — inventing dungeon crawling, classes, leveling up, etc. Dave Arneson gives his notes to Gygax, who then codifies and develops the ideas into the first D&D rules set, which is released with both of their names on it in 1974. 
  • 27 Suspense
    • Suspense hangs on two things, foreshadowing and cost. Characters (or more accurately players) need to see what’s coming, or guess at it, and wonder when and what it will cost.
    • Dramatic irony, 2002 Toby Maguire Spiderman. Green Goblin!
  • 28 Love
    • "I love you man..." sloppy remarks.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

088 #RPGaDay2019 Week 3

  • 15 Door:
    • The Door in the Wall by HG Wells – text, Librivox recording
    • Three Hearts & Three Hearts
    • The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe
    • The Dark World
    • Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
    • Mirrors
    • Would you go? Could you go? 
    • The Urge to Jump (not the article I read, but explains the idea)
  • 16 Dream:
    • H. P. Lovecraft was not very nice
    • Works fall into three categories: Mythos, Other/Sci-Fi, Dream Cycle
    • Best known: Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath 
    • My favorite: Celephaistext, Librivox recording
  • 17 One:
    • The one shot to end all one shots
  • 18 Plenty
    • Feeling guilty for adding more to plenty
  • 19 Scary
    • Hard to achieve
    • What’s really scary
    • Leaving an out
  • 20 Noble
  • 21 Vast

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

087 #RPGaDay2019 Week 2

  • 8 Obscure
  • 9 Critical
  • 10 Focus
    • The word is Dukkha
    • Ding Dongs
    • Did you laugh when I talked about having "the desire for a ding dong?" I didn't "hear" it until I was listening back to the episode. OMG. I just said "titillate your palette" and "mouth-watering desire for a ding dong." Oh dear. 
  • 11 Examine
    • Socrates – "The unexamined life isn't worth living"
    • "Know Thyself" – from over the Temple of Apollo at Delphi
    • The days are long but the years are short
  • 12 Friendship
  • 13 Mystery
  • 14 Guide
  • Sign off